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New technology ORGSU gives you a quick and efficient way to launch on-line registrations of any individual or team race of any kind of sport. From an event organiser point of view, the following are the decision steps that need to be undertaken:

Do you like the settings should be done on your behalf?

YES scenario: Our manager will create an event organiser profile and launch your event in accordance with the information provided by an Event questionnaire on the bottom of this page. Even in this scenario, you can get full control over your admin account at any time. This initial service costs Euro 290 (It includes all the admin work and one year ORGSU system licence. Read carefully this page to be ready for ordering of this service please.

Did you answer NO? Are you brave enough? Then you have the opportunity to create an event organiser account directly on and proceed in accordance with the event organiser handbook.

2nd Decision: Do you want to register athletes into your own database?

YES scenario: You will have your own direct agreements with athletes dealing with the processing of their personal data. In EU countries that matter is mentioned as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This scenario gives you the opportunity of your own e-shop business, using of your own bank account(s).
NO scenario: An intermediary (registration company) must be involved. It can be ORGSU Ltd. Your decision must be clearly selected in the questionnaire. Ask us for more options dealing with this matter please.

3rd Decision: Onto what website do you want to place your registrations?

Remember, all the time that athletes spend on your website doing registration, checking out the start list or visiting the e-shop is very valuable for your business. So we recommend you operate your own site (or open race registrations on the site of your sponsor). If you wanted create new simple website, just write us your idea about the URL domain address and we will do that for you.
Do you prefere a quick solution on an independent site? OK, any subpage of this, for example
/YOUR-COMPANY/YOUR-EVENT/YOUR-RACE can be easily created for you today.

The entry process features

Various levels of entry fee may depend on the time interval(s) you specify (early bird entries for example).
The same or different entry fees may apply for the age groups (categories).
The ORGSU system supports a category of Teams (2 or more athletes into one BIB/entry). Teams then might publish a team photo, info about team members and more. All these will be visible on your start list.
Bulk entries: An athlete can purchase an entry for him/herself and for other athletes in one shopping session. Athletes can purchase items from the event e-shop alongside race entries.
Entry Cancellation: You can define the cancellation fee for each entry fee time period.
Athletes can then cancel their entries at any time before the race.
Donation: Athletes can choose to donate money during an entry process. You can allow this service in the Event settings.
Discount vouchers: You can add and distribute a discount code(s) which can be used either for only once or multiply. Discount code(s) can be generated by the system or can bear your own marketing slogan. VIPs can get the VIP discount codes as well.

What can it look like? Questionnaire and Order

Fill and Post the questionnaire

to today! We'll do all the admin work on your behalf.
Just in 1 or 2 working day, your registration can be launched on your selected domain and ...

... Your Athletes may start their registrations!

If you wanted to receive direct payments from your athletes, you might add your PayPal account to the admin in just a few minutes. We can provide you with a guide on how to set up your PayPal business account. There are several other payment gateways ready for you. Ask us for more options. A bank/wire transfer is supported too.
If you do not want gather money directly to your bank account, ORGSU Ltd will do that on behalf of you.

The ORGSU Ltd will serve as an intermediary using the payment gateway GP Webpay then. In this case, athletes will pay their entry fee to ORGSU Ltd bank in Prague. Your money will be wired to your bank account monthly. Check the fee of this service below please.

You will get an access to the ORGSU admin backend so all your data are available for you continuously.
There are a lot of admin features inside, check some of them now:
The .XLS import of your old data is available. And an inbuilt e-mail marketing feature is ready to invite athletes to enter.
All the admin system functions and athlete functions are localized in English, Spain and Czech.
There are several activated currencies at present: Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Czech Crown, South African Rand.
Ask for more please. Some crypto currencies are under the development as well.
Your Goods and Services can be published to the e-shop what is a native part of the ORGSU technology.
An Eshop can be general one (published on the home page of your site usually)
or related to given event/race(s) acessible during the registration process and from athlete profile.
Every athlete gets his/her account (with the direct login on the event organiserís website)
with all his/her racing history: entries, shopping orders, results and much more.
All registration processes are compliant with the GDPR (EU Ruling of the Personal Data Processing).

Venue registration and Timing Preparation

When the event comes, you can export your data to .XLS or .XML or .CSV for your
favourite timing company using for example the MyLaps timing technology.
The ORGSU technology still gives you all the opportunities to:
A) generate start numbers in accordance with several sorting criterions,
B) print out the tables of registered athletes before the race, supporting venue registration crew
C) search and physically register athletes on the venue (incl. taking their photos via the USB camera)
D) print out the start lists inlcluding logos of your sponsors/partners
E) the control panel page: Athletes may check their credentials using BIB/Tag/Chip on-line
all that should be done in the collaboration with your timing supplier or direcly by your crew.
Only what you need is the Internet on your venue.

Timing by your crew using ORGsu features

The Race can be started in one or in several Waves/Heats
Individual and mass starts are supported. The start may be provided by ORGSU App.
More of Races may run simultaneously.
The timing may be provided by the ORGSU Apps
Several split times can be defined in each race (in each discipline in multi-sport races).
The transitions between disciplines are supported (for triathlon for example)
The stage race and the lap/time races are available (for example 24hours race on one lap)
Several different timing technologies can be used simultaneously in parallel, including Chip/Tag RFID technology
One racer/athlete can be on the track up to 10 days. The time zone crossing is not supported yet.
The live results may bee published on any of your website(s) independently on the timing technology used.
The preliminary and official results (with the sponosr logos) are delivered in a .pdf file

The GPS Tracking

All the athletes on the track can be tracked via ORGSU Apps or the SPOT devices.
The spectators can check their favorite athletes by choosing one or more several BIBs
The Re-play function availabe what gives a chance check the development of the race after the event too
The tracking features may be used for the split times gathering, no timing technology needed! All the GPS Tracking works even on the weak cell data coverage.

The Tracking and Timing Teaser

These services are presented by

Otganizers Support Ltd
Rubeska 215/1, 190 00, Prague, Czech Republic
VAT No CZ04244885
Jaromir Horak,

Services Pricing

Registration Packet

Personal and Company registration, Event launching, Registration openning in accordance with th questionnary. One year licence purchasing. The Registration Package may be purchased in the eshop. This is not obligatory obviously, one can provide her/his own registration and event launching her/him self.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 4% of the real entry fee value.
The invoicing will be provided each 3 months. The registration fee is involved in every scenario.

Money gathering fee (If ordered)

In case your money will come via our payment gateway to our bank account(s). Then 5 % of the turnover will remain as the service fee. This service is not automatical and must be ordered in the questionaire. The invoicing will be provided each 3 months as well.

The Discount

We are offering several discounts
A) small event organisers. The startup price may be lower
B) for the schools and their sport teams: operating fee of only 2%
C) all the charity event must apply for special conditions if needed