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The page ilustrates how registration technolgy may boost the digtial marketing website. There are generally three target groups: A company willing to serve organisers, Race director and Athletes.

A company willing to serve race directors

Are you a sports body, sponsor, sports manufacturer, series owner or even sports magazine? Orgsu Ltd offers you technology that allows online registration on your website. You can serve your fellow organizers with a database of athletes and sell entries to their events. All payments you will receive directly to your bank, PayPal or Stripe account. Imagine this site is yours. Race directors and athletes get their features right here, on your site. For more information, visit

A Race Director

Are you a race director, willing to try registration features what might be installed on any digital marketing website? Just create a new account as a race director. We will be notified to check your trial. So wait for our approval please. Finally, you will be welcome to create and publish your own sporting event the next time you sign in here. And you may test an athlete sign up process finally then.

An Athlete

Are you here as an athlete, testing the features how Orgsu technology work for you? Go to the Athlete Login area and create your test account. Then you may enter to any race published on the home page. Imagine, the race calendar is the one on the digital marketing website.